My name is Jess Joyce – I’m a web developer, search engine optimizer, internet marketer, in love with the internet and I work on a Mac  Jess Joyce

I’ve been actively learning and creating on the web for over 15 years now, working with clients such as Mashable, Fast Company, Honda, CIBC, Budweiser and incredible others .

I built my first website when I was 15 at Geocities, taught my high school class HTML and haven’t stopped building and helping since. After High School I headed off to London Ontario and took the Multimedia program at Fanshawe College.

Professionally, an awesome company in Newmarket called Treefrog Interactive hired me and I spent half a decade with them growing from a company of 5 to the 20+ strong they are today. I was hired as a front end developer but grew and evolved into a 1-person SEO team (Matt Cutts answered one of my questions in 2009 which he later had to do an update video on), primary client support and developed + implemented training plans (including videos like this one) on their custom CMS.

I then moved to Toronto and spent my days in the advertising world with the energetic folks at Grip Limited building anything from Facebook apps, HTML5 apps, to websites and custom WordPress builds. Also love helping out the analytics team develop the SEO side of their knowledge.

These days I live update and implement the awesome technology at ScribbleLive, helping clients leverage the incredible live technology and enhance their content experiences throughout the web.

I’ve also mentored on weekends at the awesome Ladies Learning Code helping their students learn HTML or CSS or WordPress or even walking around with girls to tech companies – I’d love to do that more often!

At my core I’m fascinated with technology. Where it’s going, how it’s put together, how we use it and overuse it but mostly how we interact with it. You can always catch me checking out the latest gadget or signing up for some tool that analyses the websites you visit per day and recommends new niches to hangout. Ok that tool does exist – doesn’t it?