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My name is Jess Joyce (she/her) – I am a Toronto SEO Consultant who’s primarily focused on organic search engine optimization (SEO), located physically in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I’ve worked in-house for startups where we developed and executed on SEO strategies and was previously a front-end web developer. Now I’m using that development experience and time in tech companies to help companies as an SEO consultant. I primarily help humans execute on their SEO strategies, perform audits, action on technical implementations, website  migrations, website builds, and to understand how SEO & Google can help them & their businesses.
Toronto SEO Consultant
Sometimes I talk about SEO to humans in Toronto.

SEO & Consulting Services

Over 20 years of working for agencies, startups as a developer, marketer and SEO in Toronto across many industries!

Web Development

Website migrations, landing pages, product launches, custom emails to full websites that are hand-coded or built using your chosen CMS.


  • SEO Audits
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Website migrations
  • Technical implementations
  • Content audits
  • Javascript assistance


Track all the things. Connect GA + GTM + SC + GDS and then measure and improve based on data - and connect it to your chosen data source!

Why Work with Jess Joyce – Toronto SEO Consultant?

SEO is an investment and a process, so let’s start yours today.
Let’s chat about your digital goals and work together to build & implement your SEO strategy with Jess your SEO Consultant.

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Recent Consultant Testimonials

"Consultants like Jess are few and far between. She brings in the expertise of an external consultant that's been doing this for a long time, while simultaneously feeling like a member of the team. Beyond her support with web development and SEO, it felt like she genuinely cared about our success. She went above and beyond to help us revamp our website, and continues to support us to this day. I can't recommend her enough!"
Geoffrey Gualano
Head of Marketing
"I've been fortunate enough to know Jess for over three decades. She helped me build my first website in the '90s and set up an email account – now considered vintage – that I continue to use today. She's inclusive, collaborative, creative, bright, deadline-driven and open to new challenges in and out of the tech world. She is a fierce SEO queen and always a champion of more opportunities for women in coding. She brings extensive digital expertise to the table for clients."
Jenny Yuen
Toronto-based Journalist & Author
"Working with Jess was one of the best decisions I made while running the marketing department at She is a professional and reliable creative thinker who brings an innovative perspective to SEO. On top of it, she is a great communicator and always found smart ways to make our brand shine online. I loved working with Jess and can't recommend her enough."
Anita Chauhan
Fractional CMO (former Head of Marketing at - now CalendarHero)
"Working with Jess was a highlight of my year. We hired her to help us with an SEO project and we're now seeing the tangible results of her expertise. Not only is Jess super smart, but she is also kind and fun to work with. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!."
Maureen Farmer
Global Executive Career Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO Consultant is a human who can work with your business to help with organic efforts, plans, actionable advice on your websites presence on search engines like Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go.

An SEO consultant will take an assessment of your website as it stands and create a report or work with your team directly to implement any suggestions on changes. They may also create a plan or strategy moving forward for your brand and work with you on a monthly basis or a project basis.

SEO Consultants perform audits on websites to understand where the property is at and where the most leverage can be added to the property from their perspective and create a strategy from that to share with the business. This strategy can then be applied by the business or the SEO Consultant may be pulled in to apply some of these implementations as projects.

SEO Consultants may also work on a project basis diagnosing issues like loss of rankings, technical SEO issues, keyword research, content creation and link building. SEO Consultants are also available to help your team learn more about the world of SEO and teach you or your team more about search engine optimization.

SEO is a very specialized industry that changes quite often and requires keeping up to date. If your team or business doesn’t have the knowledge in-house or the capacity in-house then it’s worth having access to an SEO expert that’s available on a consulting basis to provide that expertise to your business and your team.

No. Google is a constantly changing world and holding a top spot is just that. You’re renting that spot, so anyone who can guarantee you a result may  fail at that rental over a long enough time period if they don’t maintain it or have built it for a short period of time. Finding what works for your business instead of chasing a top spot is the goal, so let’s have a chat first. 

SEO Consultant Writings.

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Canada Goose Citizenship

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Toronto SEO Expert

4 Months of Freelance – Taking Time.

I burnt out. Earlier this year my brain hit a max that I should have identified earlier but thems the learnings. In February I had a lot going on in life that I was going at head down and with the attitude of “onward through the fog” – not great.

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