Future Proofing Passion

I don't post a lot - it’s true, I spend time on Twitter and Facebook lately. I do miss the days of thought out blog posts though. I used to spend days thinking about what I was going to say and crafting it together in my head, then on paper before touching a keyboard. I found a link online at work the other day and forwarded it home to read later, glad I did – and I think everyone needs to read it at one point. It’s a bit of a read but wow – worth it. I also understand as the article says to embrace the opportunities that come your way, and they’re not what you expect. Exactly what’s happened with me – I never thought I’d be doing SEO and I know the value of a link, and this is a worthy one. As well there’s no way to comment on the site so this is the next best thing.

Watching The Corners: On Future-Proofing Your Passion

Here’s my favorite piece –>
If we embrace the fact that no one can or should ever care about the health of our passions as much as we do, the practical decisions that help ensure Our Good Thing stays alive can become as “simple” as a handful of proven patterns—work hard, stay awake, fail well, hang with smart people, shed bullshit, say “maybe,” focus on action, and alwaysalways commit yourself to a bracing daily mixture of all the courage, honesty, and information you need to do something awesome—discover whatever it’ll take to keep your nose on the side of the ocean where the fresh air lives. This is huge.
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