The List.

In 2005 I wrote a list based on a post from the Discovery Channel (Which is now the Travel Channel so I couldn't find the list, that would be awesome if it still existed!) and pulled it out again after seeing how successful Danny Dover has been on his bucket list and WOW it's very interesting looking back at that list and what I have accomplished/still have left/need to add to the list. Here's my list from 2005 (Done are bold & My notes in brackets) 01. Own a Condo in Toronto then sell it and use it as a downpayment for a house. (technically did, but didn't buy one in Toronto, am owning a house though!) 02. Drive an INDY CAR. (amending to a Formula 1 car haha) 03. Skydive just once. (I'd love it to be jumping in New Zealand from the north island, landing on the south island) 04. Rent my own island (I'm starting a list of islands I'd like to visit!) 05. Scuba Dive 06. Go on a Safari in Africa 07. Visit Paris and Skate Through the streets at Night 08. Walk the Great Wall of China 09. Visit the Athenian Acropolis 10. Bask in the Sun on a Beach SOMEWHERE WARM 11. Visit Stonehenge (missed it when I was in England) 12. See the Seven Wonders of the World (This needs to be amended to new wonders/old wonders) 13. See the Northern Lights 14. Volunteer to Help Save the Environment 15. Ride the Biggest, Meanest Roller Coaster in the World 16. Take a ride in a hot air balloon. 17. Take a helicopter to the top of a WHISTLER mountain and snowboard down 18. Drive the biggest boat I can find. (drove a 25 foot one?) 19. Get married to someone who inspires me. 21. Own every single CD on my lists (not really as much of a goal anymore with digital music) 22. Go on a REAL archeological dig. 23. Attend a lecture in a real lecutre hall 24. Visit DISNEY WORLD and DISNEY LAND. Poke Mickey. (meh, I went to Universal Studios, that worked!) 25. Meet Angelina Jolie, Dave Grohl, Coldplay & silverchair (haha! I'd still like to meet all of them actually maybe minus Angelina and Coldplay...) 26. Tell above how incredible they all are 27. Design a room according to Feng Shui. 28. Visit Roswell, New Mexico and search for "UFOS" 29. Appear on a TV/Movie, even if I am an extra. (Been in an audience so I'm close!) 30. Drive a car on the AUTOBAUGHN 31. Stare down roman statues 32. See ALL of the top 250 movies ever. (seen about 200 so far and that list is constantly changing!) 33. Buy a JetSki/SeaDoo. So that was my list then, but in 6 years priorities and life has changed so I'm going to add a few to the list! 34. See Chemical Brothers live (they haven't been to Canada in 5 some odd years, I may have to go to them) 35. Visit Australia/New Zealand 36. Visit Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico (mostly the Yucatán for the Mayan Pyramids) 37. Watch professional soccer/lacrosse (I can do this THIS summer, with Toronto teams!) 38. Drink at beer at Oktoberfest 39. Grow a garden, flowers + veggies 40. See a Vegas show (I've been 6 times and NEVER seen an actual Vegas show) 41. Visit Hungary and track down family, same thing in England - I have a cousin named after me I've never met 42. See a space shuttle launch (added April 24th 2011) 43. Be part of a Flashmob I'll revise as I go, it's a working list 🙂 Feels great getting it all in one place again! Here goes nothin...