10 Years with 1 Car.

A week ago I traded in my car of 10 years. We spent most of my 20's together and it was the longest relationship I've ever had (aside from family and 2 friends). Someone told me your 20s are when you'll change the most and I did but I didn't change my car. It was my consistent in a  decade that brought a lot of change and adjustment. I originally bought the car (a Volkswagen Golf) right after graduating college in 2002. I was a wide-eyed, peppy, psyched 21 year old set out to make million dollars a year building the internet. I was going to take on the world, and the car was the first step in that direction.
10 Years with 1 Car. 1
Our first day together
Together as I learned though, we went through 4 jobs, moved 6 times myself, moved friends more than a dozen times, changed boyfriends, changed friends, transported animals I've owned, helped friends moving away, helped friends moving back and that's all just scratching the surface. I've sang, cried, screamed, laughed and slept in that car. At times it was more of a home to me than some of the places I was living. I even taught a few friends how to drive standard in that car and one went on to buy a standard car after our lessons - fully converted them! I drove it to weddings, funerals, hospitals, parties, concerts, Montreal, cottages and always to be trips to Ikea for some random furniture that would fit in my Golf over anyone else's cars at the time. It has taken me to every place I've needed to go and some that were just for fun. Together we've driven around Toronto so much I now know my way around the city pretty well. I like to drive to think a lot and Toronto is far enough away from where I live that it's a good time to get the thoughts fully out and organize them, and we did that a lot together. I would be lying if I said it never had problems. After 10 years together it was going to cost quite a few pennies to ensure it would even pass emissions. I carried around jumper cables constantly, lights inside had gone out, buttons had broken, rust was everywhere, there were noises I tuned out as to not worry myself (or anyone else) and I always had my phone on full charge just incase. Lately there had even been some close calls including learning that cab companies can give you a boost for a fee - so I decided it was time for us to part ways. But this is my homage to a good, consistent car that's prompted me look back at the last 10 years of my life now that the time has passed and the car is gone. That car as been along for the ride with me for all the significant and insignificant changes in the last 10 years and I'm so very glad it was my constant and hope I'll be writing an update blog post when I do make that million dollars with my new car (haha). Thanks for 10 crazy, awesome years Golf.