I’m Outing Myself From SEO.

Update 2023 - Well I'm not out of SEO HA! 

I got your attention! Yay me.

There have been a bunch of posts finger pointing in the SEO world the last little bit and between the outing and Scamworld taking punches at internet marketing it's been an interesting time in the SEO world. More interesting than TMZ some times! If you're into that stuff... not that... I am... sure... My own life outside of SEO has been on a bit of a highway to the mystery zone lately and has been on it's own interesting set of changes. Life happens when you're making other plans and not many of the people who are reading this probably know much about me other than I do SEO at Treefrog Interactive, and I do… or I did. As of last Thursday I hung up SEO Hat. Well more just putting my SEO skills in my back pocket as I've been provided an opportunity to take a position I've dreamed about since graduating college over a decade ago. When I graduated college I was determined to take over Toronto and demand 80k a year to be a web developer. I was naive, very naive. I walked into an interview once and assumed I already had the job and thought they shouldn't interview anyone else. Ok I was a bit full of myself as well, not my proudest moment. Well with time I've come back down to earth and learned that I need to learn a lot before I crawl, crawl before I can even walk, learn to walk again sometimes and that there's always something more to learn and there are people out there who know a lot more than you do so check your ego at the door. Over the last 10 years I've taken sidelines from the web to work in music stores and on customer service desks as I crawled back into the web most recently at Treefrog, having spent 5ish years to get back on the web junket. Recently fate has been working in awesome awesome ways and the new position I accepted is for a large agency in downtown Toronto as a web developer that I start June 4th. Time time though, I'm under no false hope and know this is going to be a learning experience and I'm excited for every step of it. So along with this new opportunity comes moving which I'm doing the day before I start and I semi-recently ended a very long relationship where we owned a house together too so change is my world right now, I'm in it and it's all happening at a top gun pace right now. I've had a quote in my head for years and it's "The only constant in life is change" - I am that right now. I barely had time to write this blog post out but know it's necessary for a multitude of reasons, including SEO's blog about everything so here I am. Thank you to the SEO community. The niche I've found through Twitter is filled with so much knowledge and so many intelligent marketers with insane jedi skills that I wish there were more hours in the day to read all their amazing words. They are the future of SEO so check out my SEO list and follow them - you won't regret it. I'll continue to follow the SEO world, it's always been of interest to me and is the fastest changing industry I've ever been a part of - I won't be able to quit cold turkey and I'll take everything I've learned back into the development side. I'll still tweet about all the fun stuff going on too, it's like candy to me. I'm off to continue packing all my stuff into boxes and maybe eat something, that'd be a good choice. I'll have lots to blog about including more details about this change and many more coming up so stay tuned and here goes nothing!