Top 5 of 2014.

This year I wish I had listened to more music.

I used to be that person that would be sitting in a restaurant and half listening because I was mentally processing what music was being played to the point of needing to know every single song. Today it annoys me that I don’t know every song when I’m out and about. Even organizing this list I’ve started another list of music I need to listen to from other peoples lists and my top Rdio is filled with a lot of music that isn’t from this year…

So this year! I’m only doing a top 5 and adding a bonus top 5 videos because I watched a lot of YouTube this year and YouTube is awesome.

5. Deadmau5 – While(1<2) 
It’s a great album to just hit go and work to, also the dude has been inspired a lot of Trent and I like the nods and the remixes

4. Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again
Although only 5 songs, these two together are incredible enough to make my list

3. Caribou – Our Love
Had Swim remixes on a lot so was psyched to have this appear on the new releases and it’s been a lovely addition and they can do no wrong to me.

2. Knife Party – Abandon Ship
Haunted House has been repeating on my devices for years so Abandon Ship was my second most exciting release of the year and hasn’t disappointed. Another album to just hit GO and work to, and their mix with video games and connection to all internets rules.

1. Spoon – They Want My Soul 
Most exciting release of the year to me, I set a reminder for myself and has been my favourite release of the year. It never fails to put a smile on my face and change my mood with their musical mood changing jams.

Onto YouTube.
I was going to write this list for my work’s blog but have run out of time and posting here I can add some fun extras too.

Videos included in this playlist are as follows –>

Thanks for reading, and cheers to 2015.

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