5 Thoughts on Sigur Rós’ Route One. 

I was working from home today and had a plan to not listen to any music. Well, after checking the internet streams late in the morning, found I just happened to be lucky enough to catch the lifestream of Sigur Rós’ Route One for quite a few hours and have some thoughts on it.
For a little background… Sigur Rós recorded a Livestream today, on the summer solstice. The longest day of the year, they took all that sunshine and drove throughout Iceland to a soundtrack they created live.

It was broadcast on local stations and streamed directly on YouTube to us, around the world. The route was along Iceland’s coastal ring road, a whopping 1332km journey and they took us along for the experience.

5 thoughts on today’s experience…

  1. It was the best media to work to. My fire alarm went off twice and I almost jumped out of my skin but the mix of it all really reminded me of why I love to work to music on a day I had chosen to not put anything on.

  2. Most drivers in Iceland are very calm. There was the occasional speedster and at times folks would pass around the video car, but wow I’m impressed with Iceland’s patience and non-speedy drivers.

  3. It reminded me of Chemical Brothers, who create the BEST music videos in my opinion. It was very much like Star Guitar (below), but ambient.

  4. It was mesmerizing and being recorded LIVE by the group themselves. There was one part where they’re going through a tunnel and the music is going in and out, programmed to be perfectly set to the feeling.

  5. ICELAND IS GORGEOUS. Why this wasn’t a direct connection with the tourism board for the country is a marketing miss-step (maybe it was, indirectly?) but WOW Iceland kept taking my breath away. I would take so many pictures and it would take my Instagram for a year, easily.

Some more amazing moments, others were sharing…

What a Wonderful Experience.

“In a day and age of instant gratification and everything moving so fast, we wanted to do the exact opposite,” Jónsi Birgisson.
They caused some of those who experienced it to slow down which is the biggest part I took away from it. I find myself lately wanting to move faster, read faster, work faster and today was a lovely reset.
Thank you Sigur Rós.