#jesslist – Is Back.

#jesslist – Is Back.

#jesslist February 2019

What’s a #jesslist?

A few years ago I was very depressed and was wandering around feeling like I wasn’t worth anything, at all, to anyone. It got me thinking about what made me me, and what lifted me up and it’s music. So each month I made a #jesslist (yes there are broken-ness on those pages, Rdio doesn’t exist anymore as well) for that year, and it really really helped lift me out of a bad place as music always has for me.

These days I work from home by myself and I’m lonely, so I’ve realized that one of the benefits of working from home is that I can crank music anytime I want to! That feeling brought back the decision that I’m going to do this and make what makes me happy back, a playlist each month.

Also since it’s a new year and to 1up what I’ve done before, I’m going to use my own photos as the covers since I’m working on my photography skills as well and am always looking for another reason to take more photos.

The playlists will be on Spotify and also a blog post like this every month.

Take a listen as I can’t really give out mix-tapes anymore (as no one has a tape player to listen to them on!) so this is my way of sharing “mixtape” with as much personalization as I can in 2019.

Also I still miss Rdio, their feature of having playlists made of up songs your friends were listening to was the best – comeon Spotify.

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