Canada Goose Citizenship

Are Canada Goose born outside of Canada, Canadian?

Google just released a video for 2021.
Google 2021 Canada Video Tweet

Here's the link to the tweet/video

In that video they ask the question, "is a Canada Goose born outside of Canada still Canadian" and when you search that term the answer is still not clear so not sure if the marketing humans at Google included that in their specs for the video so here's a hypothesis to an answer to that question.

I'd start researching this question by looking for where Canadian Goose are born to begin with. The Canada Goose aka (Branta canadensis) are migratory birds who fly south for winter, and then return north during warmer times. They have an incredible sense of direction and fly in packs, where you'll see them in a familiar V meant to help with wind like in racing.

Canada Geese lay somewhere between 4-9 eggs a year and they usually nest in elevated areas so they can see around them that are close to lakes or bodies of water. Because of their keen sense of direction geese also return to the same site to lay eggs each year - sometimes even the exact same spot. They follow what their parents did, and weather that's in Canada or somewhere else that's pretty incredible that they remember exactly where it is.

Is a Canada Goose born outside of Canada... Still Canadian?

Regardless of where they nest and fly, a Canada Goose born outside of Canada will still remain a Canada Goose and won't have it's citizenship checked on entry so we won't worry too much about where it came from. Once it lands on the shores of Canada we'll welcome it back and keep our distance as they're protective animals who although carry Canada in their name, are a bit pokey at most times of the day.