About Jess Joyce

Jess Joyce


My name is Jess Joyce – I’m an internet marketer, web developer, search engine optimizer, in love with the internet and I work on a Mac  

I’ve been actively working with clients from Mashable, Fast Company, Honda, CIBC, Budweiser, and companies from small to large learning and creating on the internet for over 15 years now.

I built my first website when I was 15 at Geocities (anyone remember Sunset Strip?), taught my high school class HTML, have mentored at Ladies Learning Code for years and haven’t stopped building and helping since.

In 2016 a friend and I started a Slack group for Women in Tech as we’ve worked with a lot of amazing women and it’s a great place for us all to be online and help each other. If you’re a women working in tech at any level or looking to join the world of tech – join us!

At my core I’m fascinated with technology. Where it’s going, how it’s put together, how we use it and overuse it but mostly how we interact with it. You can always catch me checking out the latest gadget or signing up for some tool that analyses the websites you visit per day and recommends new niches to hangout. Ok that tool does exist – doesn’t it?