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Author: Jess Joyce

Jess Joyce is an SEO Consultant physically located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who’s been building and optimizing the web for just over 20 years. Working in-house at startups and at agencies she has a well rounded perspective of the web having built/maintained/optimized for many different industries and businesses.
5 Thoughts on Sigur Rós' Route One.  3

5 Thoughts on Sigur Rós’ Route One. 

I was working from home today and had a plan to not listen to any music. Well, after checking the internet streams late in the morning, found I just happened to be lucky enough to catch the lifestream of Sigur Rós’ Route One for quite a few hours and have some thoughts on it. For a little background… Sigur Rós recorded a Livestream today, on the summer solstice. The longest day of the year, they took all that sunshine and drove throughout Iceland to a soundtrack they created live. It was broadcast on local stations and streamed directly on YouTube…

Radiohead are My Favourite Marketers. 4

Radiohead are My Favourite Marketers.

I remember being 16 years old, sitting in front of my boombox, legs crossed, waiting for Paranoid Android to be played on the radio with a finger on the record button ready to tape the new Radiohead single. Today it’s a bit different, now I use the internet, making recording and accessing much easier. Also not sure really where that boombox is anymore… When OK Computer was released I became a lifetime Radiohead fan and I’ve been fascinated with them since. The Bends is a great album, and we will never know why that guy is laying on the floor…