• Twitter Alternatives

    3 robots with the words, "Twitter alternatives' over it

    Last updated: July 6th, 2023 Twitter rules, or it used to. I’m addicted to it, but once Elon bought it, it’s been fracturing big time. And like humans on the internet do, they’ve been making alternatives to try to build up that community again – somewhere else. I love a community and especially an internet […]

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  • 5 Email Subscriptions To Gather Content & Links

    5 Email Subscriptions To Gather Content & Links 1

    The idea from this post came out of a lot of conversations in SEO around “0 volume keywords” as it looks to be the trend as of late. If you’re curious there’s been a few posts about it & SEO Notebook just sent out a nugget on “Finding Emerging Keywords” too. I prefer to look […]

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  • Google Analytics Alternatives to GA4 That Are Great for 2023.

    Raccoon looking at Google Analytics alternatives on a computer screen

    Google Analytics is a free analytics tool offered by Google that helps companies track their web traffic and understand the patterns that such traffic takes, but there are drawbacks to using Google Analytics and with the forced move to GA4 and GA3 being tracking turning off as of July 1st, 2023 with an entirely new […]

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  • Canada Goose Citizenship

    Are Canada Goose born outside of Canada, Canadian?

    Google just released a video for 2021. Here’s the link to the tweet/video In that video they ask the question, “is a Canada Goose born outside of Canada still Canadian” and when you search that term the answer is still not clear so not sure if the marketing humans at Google included that in their […]

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  • Building Your Digital Home

    Creating your digital home

    We’re spending a lot of time at home this year, staying safe and it’s a great time to get online. This means it’s a great time to build an online space for you, your business, your idea, your blog – all the things. You’re looking for a place to build your digital home. Lately, I’ve […]

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