5 Points to Building a Great Website

There are a lot of websites out there, heck you’re on one now but what makes a website great? Great meaning it’s useful, and an enjoyable experience for users and search engines. Here’s my top 5 pieces that I believe every website should have to ensure a great website.

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Jess Joyce

5 Things Learned From Comic Con

It’s been about a week since I had the pleasure of travelling to San Diego, California (my new favourite city in California!) for the largest Comic Convention on earth. It was an experience I had on a list and I’m overjoyed that I was lucky enough to attend such an

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The List.

In 2005 I wrote a list based on a post from the Discovery Channel (Which is now the Travel Channel so I couldn’t find the list, that would be awesome if it still existed!) and pulled it out again after seeing how successful Danny Dover has been on his bucket list

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Favourite Albums of 2010

I try to put together my own best of lists, check out the 2008 one here. I missed 2009 but it’s time to put together a 2010 list! Tomorrow is the end of the first decade of the 2000′s – wow it feels like yesterday I was grabbing a hat

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Future Proofing Passion

I don’t post a lot – it’s true, I spend time on Twitter and Facebook lately. I do miss the days of thought out blog posts though. I used to spend days thinking about what I was going to say and crafting it together in my head, then on paper

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Flickr Faves

My iPod has been dying very quickly lately, and I’d left it out in my cold freezing car overnight a few times by accident so a friend had recommended a place to get a new battery and they were amazing! If you have any issues with your iPod and you

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