• 4 Months of Freelance – Taking Time.

    Toronto SEO Expert

    I burnt out. Earlier this year my brain hit a max that I should have identified earlier but thems the learnings. In February I had a lot going on in life that I was going at head down and with the attitude of “onward through the fog” – not great. My job at the time […]

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  • Inspired.

    Inspired. 1

    I draw a lot on inspiration for working on the web and in my career from places outside the web. Mostly in other creative fields like music and acting and lately cooking. I have been a giant music fan my whole life but have zero musical talent. I wanted to audition for many things throughout […]

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  • 5 Thoughts on Sigur Rós’ Route One. 

    5 Thoughts on Sigur Rós' Route One.  2

    I was working from home today and had a plan to not listen to any music. Well, after checking the internet streams late in the morning, found I just happened to be lucky enough to catch the lifestream of Sigur Rós’ Route One for quite a few hours and have some thoughts on it. For […]

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  • Radiohead are My Favourite Marketers.

    Radiohead are My Favourite Marketers. 3

    I remember being 16 years old, sitting in front of my boombox, legs crossed, waiting for Paranoid Android to be played on the radio with a finger on the record button ready to tape the new Radiohead single. Today it’s a bit different, now I use the internet, making recording and accessing much easier. Also […]

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  • Rdio I’ll Miss You & Fav Albums of 2015.

    Rdio I'll Miss You & Fav Albums of 2015. 5

    Music streaming service Rdio is shutting down for now, as it’s been acquired by Pandora. The whole adjustment has felt like a slow breakup to me. Slowly they’ve shut down pieces, including opening the Rdio app on my phone just to receive these sad messages and opening the app at work to finally be cutoff […]

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