Favourite Albums of 2012

It’s my favourite time of year again, other than Canada Day of course. It’s the time of year when we compile lists of favourites with a  look back on the year and look forward to the future!


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I’m Dead in a Zombie Apocalypse.

Next week marks 4 months I’ve been living downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada on my own for the first time in my life. It’s been very exciting, educational, and a giant learning part of my life that I’ve wanted to do for a decade so I’m psyched to be waking up here every day.


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10 Years with 1 Car.

A week ago I traded in my car of 10 years.
We spent most of my 20’s together and it was the longest relationship I’ve ever had (aside from family and 2 friends).

Someone told me your 20s are when you’ll change the most and I did but I didn’t change my car. It was my consistent in a  decade that brought a lot of change and adjustment.


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Favourite Albums of 2011.

Happy New Year, hello 2012! I’m a bit late but finally had some time and on the first day of 2012 thought I would compile my list of favorite albums of 2011.

There are big shifts in music going on right now, and with the decline of physical albums and the launch of services like Rdio & Spotify it seems we’re shifting back to a singles and playlists world.


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Canadian Music You Should Hear.

This year there’s been a lot of Canadian music out there that spans the quality and popularity scales. From Arcade Fire winning the Grammy (to some odd initial backlash even though they’re incredible), to Nickeback getting hated on for performing on a giant American holiday, to The Sheepdogs getting the cover of Rolling Stone (Kudos to them, they deserve it!), to Deadmau5 selling out Rogers Center being the 1st Candian artist to do so.


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Dear Photograph.

My photo was posted on Dear Photograph this week!

Dear Photograph That’s my Grandpa outside of his house in the 70’s. He looks truly happy in the shot. He died about 2 years ago but once I swear I could still feel him around that house.

The picture being posted was very exciting for me. A few months ago Amber Mac had posted about this amazing site and I loved the site and really wanted to participate but didn’t really have anything in mind at the time.



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5 Points to Building a Great Website

There are a lot of websites out there, heck you’re on one now but what makes a website great?

Great meaning it’s useful, and an enjoyable experience for users and search engines.

Here’s my top 5 pieces that I believe every website should have to ensure a great website.


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The List.

In 2005 I wrote a list based on a post from the Discovery Channel (Which is now the Travel Channel so I couldn’t find the list, that would be awesome if it still existed!) and pulled it out again after seeing how successful Danny Dover has been on his bucket list and WOW it’s very interesting looking back at that list and what I have accomplished/still have left/need to add to the list.


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