• July Playlist – There’s an Energy #jesslist

    July Playlist - There's an Energy #jesslist 1

    It’s July! I’ve been working a lot and there’s a Slack channel at work for #music that I’ve lifted a few songs from for this month’s playlist. I love that music is so sharable. I’m thinking of moving all my listening to Spotify too. I just need to import all my history into it which […]

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  • June #jesslist Playlist – Look Up To The Sky

    June #jesslist Playlist - Look Up To The Sky 3

    June has been amazing. There’s a lot going on and lots to smile about, so there’s a lot of happy on this mix. As well the picture comes from the Canadian Space Agency who posted that “until June 30, Venus & Jupiter are converging a little each day” reminding us of really how small we […]

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  • May #jesslist – No Flame Lasts Forever

    May #jesslist - No Flame Lasts Forever 5

    May has been a big month with lots of change and Chemical Brothers released a new song that I’ve repeated quite a lot! I also added Zedd – Addicted to A Memory again. His whole album was just released, it’s awesome and I keep going back to that song, over and over again. This year […]

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  • April #jesslist Playlist – Been Wandering For Days.

    April #jesslist Playlist - Been Wandering For Days. 7

    I’ve had Mumford & Sons – The Wolf on repeat since it appeared on Rdio so it’s a fitting title for this month’s playlist. Also Canada has warmed up quite a lot and we’ve switched to rain currently so this is a great playlist to get back outside and go for a walk, wander or […]

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