• February #jesslist – 90s Women

    February #jesslist - 90s Women 1

    February’s list I decided to waver a bit from just putting in songs I enjoy and go with a theme. This month is 90’s women and I polled quite a lot of them around me to gain this list. It’s a long one and from some feedback it’s organized a bit by music type but […]

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  • I’m Dead in a Zombie Apocalypse.

    I'm Dead in a Zombie Apocalypse. 5

    Next week marks 4 months I’ve been living downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada on my own for the first time in my life. It’s been very exciting, educational, and a giant learning part of my life that I’ve wanted to do for a decade so I’m psyched to be waking up here every day.

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  • I’m Outing Myself From SEO.

    Update 2023 – Well I’m not out of SEO HA!  I got your attention! Yay me. There have been a bunch of posts finger pointing in the SEO world the last little bit and between the outing and Scamworld taking punches at internet marketing it’s been an interesting time in the SEO world. More interesting […]

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  • 10 Years with 1 Car.

    10 Years with 1 Car. 6

    A week ago I traded in my car of 10 years. We spent most of my 20’s together and it was the longest relationship I’ve ever had (aside from family and 2 friends). Someone told me your 20s are when you’ll change the most and I did but I didn’t change my car. It was […]

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