November #jesslist Playlist – I’m Alive

November #jesslist Playlist - I'm Alive 1

November list is a bit late and in all my attempts to get this posted on time, life takes a steep uphill at this time of year and December is in full swing. The upside though is Canada is experiencing Fall part 2 and it doesn’t feel much like Christmas outside, yet. I’m behind on shopping and will get that done this week but didn’t feel complete without getting this posted as I’m half way through completing the December list as well! Hope everyone has a lovely holiday and spends it with some (if not all if you can swing…

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September #jesslist Playlist – Leave a Trace

September #jesslist Playlist - Leave a Trace 3

It’s fall! It’s been a really busy month so this list is a bit late, but in time for the colours to change and fall to be upon us as well as some awesome music to go with the change of seasons. Picture Credit goes to Mat Roe, I should use just all his pictures as all his pictures are gorgeous Check them out yourself here Took a look and dislike what you see? Anything you’d add instead? Let me know below! Removed Rdio link. RIP Rdio.

August #jesslist – One Song At A Time

August #jesslist - One Song At A Time 4

August is always busy, and in Canada the month you don’t want to spend inside so this list is all over the place of whatever I’d hear out and around 🙂 This list is for sure one of my favourites from the year already though, the mix of genres and some old(er) to really new makes for a great mix! Image credit is to Trey Ratcliff on 500px The Beauty of Zion Take a look & listen at the list and please tell me what you think below! Also check out the playlist on Rdio.

July Playlist – There’s an Energy #jesslist

July Playlist - There's an Energy #jesslist 7

It’s July! I’ve been working a lot and there’s a Slack channel at work for #music that I’ve lifted a few songs from for this month’s playlist. I love that music is so sharable. I’m thinking of moving all my listening to Spotify too. I just need to import all my history into it which I know is possible but I have a wedding to go to next week so for August may just be purely Spotify! Image credit goes to Imgur, the picture is from Waterloo! Check it out yourself here Skimmed over the list and enjoy or have…

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June #jesslist Playlist – Look Up To The Sky

June #jesslist Playlist - Look Up To The Sky 10

June has been amazing. There’s a lot going on and lots to smile about, so there’s a lot of happy on this mix. As well the picture comes from the Canadian Space Agency who posted that “until June 30, Venus & Jupiter are converging a little each day” reminding us of really how small we are and how incredible our galaxy really is, they’re so far and this is a great sight to see! Also check out the playlist on Rdio.

May #jesslist – No Flame Lasts Forever

May #jesslist - No Flame Lasts Forever 13

May has been a big month with lots of change and Chemical Brothers released a new song that I’ve repeated quite a lot! I also added Zedd – Addicted to A Memory again. His whole album was just released, it’s awesome and I keep going back to that song, over and over again. This year I’ve repeated a lot of songs, and I look forward to repeating lot more. Skipped through the list? Took a look and had thoughts? Would love your input below! Also check out the playlist on Rdio.

April #jesslist Playlist – Been Wandering For Days.

April #jesslist Playlist - Been Wandering For Days. 16

I’ve had Mumford & Sons – The Wolf on repeat since it appeared on Rdio so it’s a fitting title for this month’s playlist. Also Canada has warmed up quite a lot and we’ve switched to rain currently so this is a great playlist to get back outside and go for a walk, wander or explore. I’ll always look for a reason to add Arkells to the list too and the “Hey Kids” video makes the song so much better, check it out 🙂 Listened to this? Liked it? Let me know below! Also check out the playlist on Rdio.

March #jesslist Playlist – Warmth Is Returning to the Frozen North.

March #jesslist Playlist - Warmth Is Returning to the Frozen North. 19

Hello March! So the warmth didn’t return fully but we sure needed it, so this playlist fits pretty well with that and we made it through February which feels like a celebration enough! The playlist starts with Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Outside, an incredible song and has been on repeat a lot, worth a few listens. I’ve been listening to a lot of Ellie this year, she’s incredible and her voice is really soothing, her remixes even more so – so enjoy! Feedback is always welcome! Let me know what you think in the comments. Also check out the…

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February #jesslist – 90s Women

February #jesslist - 90s Women 22

February’s list I decided to waver a bit from just putting in songs I enjoy and go with a theme. This month is 90’s women and I polled quite a lot of them around me to gain this list. It’s a long one and from some feedback it’s organized a bit by music type but stick with it, it’s worth the listen and for the memories alone. Have any suggestions or did I miss anyone? I love the theme of this one, and all these women have been there for me throughout my musical exploration, always looking to add more…

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