#jesslist – Is Back.

#jesslist February 2019 What's a #jesslist? A few years ago I was very depressed and was wandering around feeling like I wasn't worth anything, at all, to anyone. It got…

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November – I’m alive

november-jesslistNovember list is a bit late and in all my attempts to get this posted on time, life takes a steep uphill at this time of year and December is in full swing. The upside though is Canada is experiencing Fall part 2 and it doesn’t feel much like Christmas outside, yet. I’m behind on shopping and will get that done this week but didn’t feel complete without getting this posted as I’m half way through completing the December list as well! Hope everyone has a lovely holiday and spends it with some (if not all if you can swing it!) of your loved ones, I know I will.

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October #jesslist – Dancing on Glass

october-jesslistOctober has been a great month. Lots going on and amazing things happening around, as is reflective in this playlist I think. There’s a lot of exciting music coming out too, I’m really excited about the new Elle Goulding Album and the possibility of getting to see her live!

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