• November #jesslist Playlist – I’m Alive

    november-jesslistNovember list is a bit late and in all my attempts to get this posted on time, life takes a steep uphill at this time of year and December is in full swing. The upside though is Canada is experiencing Fall part 2 and it doesn’t feel much like Christmas outside, yet. I’m behind on shopping and will get that done this week but didn’t feel complete without getting this posted as I’m half way through completing the December list as well! Hope everyone has a lovely holiday and spends it with some (if not all if you can swing it!) of your loved ones, I know I will.

  • October #jesslist – Dancing on Glass

    october-jesslistOctober has been a great month. Lots going on and amazing things happening around, as is reflective in this playlist I think. There’s a lot of exciting music coming out too, I’m really excited about the new Elle Goulding Album and the possibility of getting to see her live!

  • September #jesslist Playlist – Leave a Trace

    September jesslistIt’s fall! It’s been a really busy month so this list is a bit late, but in time for the colours to change and fall to be upon us as well as some awesome music to go with the change of seasons.

    Picture Credit goes to Mat Roe, I should use just all his pictures as all his pictures are gorgeous Check them out yourself here

    Took a look and dislike what you see? Anything you’d add instead? Let me know below!

    Removed Rdio link. RIP Rdio.

  • August #jesslist – One Song At A Time

    August #jesslist - One Song At A Time 1August is always busy, and in Canada the month you don’t want to spend inside so this list is all over the place of whatever I’d hear out and around 🙂

    This list is for sure one of my favourites from the year already though, the mix of genres and some old(er) to really new makes for a great mix!

    Image credit is to Trey Ratcliff on 500px The Beauty of Zion

    Take a look & listen at the list and please tell me what you think below!

    Also check out the playlist on Rdio.

  • July Playlist – There’s an Energy #jesslist

    July Playlist - There's an Energy #jesslist 2It’s July! I’ve been working a lot and there’s a Slack channel at work for #music that I’ve lifted a few songs from for this month’s playlist. I love that music is so sharable.

    I’m thinking of moving all my listening to Spotify too. I just need to import all my history into it which I know is possible but I have a wedding to go to next week so for August may just be purely Spotify!

    Image credit goes to Imgur, the picture is from Waterloo! Check it out yourself here

    Skimmed over the list and enjoy or have thoughts? Please let me know, love to talk about music!

    Also check out the playlist on Rdio.