• 5 Email Subscriptions To Gather Content & Links

    The idea from this post came out of a lot of conversations in SEO around “0 volume keywords” as it looks to be the trend as of late. If you’re curious there’s been a few posts about it & SEO Notebook just sent out a nugget on “Finding Emerging Keywords” too. I prefer to look for what’s going on around me; these are the ones I’m telling others about lately, so I thought I’d share them here.

    1. HARO – Help a Reporter Out

    Sent out whenever you curate it, this email subscription is a firehose of humans looking for sources for articles. There are some filters but you’ll spend a bunch of time filtering through it yourself and even if you do find a good one you’re looking to be a source on, you have to be quick and even if you are there’s no guarantees your words will make it to print (er digital). It’s a wonderful wonderful resource and I highly suggest signing up, but be prepared for the onslaught of email and please ensure you have Gmail/email filters setup for it so it doesn’t fully distract your day.

    2. Google Trends Newsletter

    Written by Simon Rogers – a Data Editor at Google and put together by the Trends Team at Google. They’re emailed out once a day and it’s filled with Google Trends curated.
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    It’s quite American-based in its content but has a lot of great questions in it and topical information that can be helpful for sourcing content and understanding what humans are searching for – topically.

    3. Terkel.

    Billed as a “HARO alternative” they’re a bit new to the market and have a few ways you can contribute. They have a very similar model to Quora on their website where you can answer questions from humans there. Additionally, they have an email roundup where you can contribute to these threads with your answers and they’ll be added to news sources. I really like their model over HARO personally and will be watching how it grows for sure.

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    4. SearchEye Links 

    3PM links as it ends up in my inbox are marketed as “internet’s best link building opportunities” send to your inbox every day at 3pm and they promise on that task. Every day at 3pm a list arrives in your inbox, but prepare – these aren’t free links like the ones above, they have a price tag associated with them. I haven’t gone through a placement with these humans yet but they also have a list on their portal which you can signup for and there you can see even more opportunities that you can browse. If you’re shopping lists then I highly recommend you start with Loganix, who are also Canadian and wonderful on every level.

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    5. Buzzsumo Trending

    This one requires a bit of setup but does give you the most flexibility of all of the ones listed here as you can create your own custom feed to email you. Simply, signup for Buzzsumo and then they provide you with a “Trending” feed which you can then customize there – also here’s the how-to. Provides great insight into what’s trending and what you can add to your content that’s happening out in the world right now to help your search traffic!
    Buzzsumo has a ton of other options and are billed as a “content marketing platform” but for this article, felt this piece was most relevant – Signup for Buzzsumo!

    BONUS! Google has a “Fact Check Explorer” that has a recently checked list that’s really comprehensive. Great source for content ideas and Google loves to look for authoritative sources if any of those fact checks fit into your content or you’ve been posting content about the fact-checked content you can always reach out to those sources. Check it out here.

    Image made in Canva, original image from Unsplash by the fantastical SEO human Myriam