Hi, My Name is Jess Joyce

I’m a Toronto SEO consultant (Search Engine Optimization), and web developer who’s worked with clients including Mashable, Fast Company, Honda, CIBC, Budweiser, Pfizer and for companies from startup to large agencies, optimizing the web for over 20 years now.

I’ve been quoted in ForbesUberflip, ContentKing & listed in Mic

I built my first website when I was 15 on Geocities (anyone remember Sunset Strip?), taught my high school class HTML, received a diploma in Multimedia from Fanshawe College (that’s now a full on web development program). 

I’m a SEO Consultant, a co-founder of Shop Critique, have mentored at Ladies Learning Code, am a Teachers Assistant at Camp Tech, volunteer with Women and Color, speak at events around the city on SEO/web topics and love to connect with anyone in technology throughout the world.

In 2016 a wonderful former co-worker and friend Amanda and I started a Slack group for Women in Technology as we’ve worked with a lot of amazing women throughout the years.

It started as a place where we could chat openly with all the wonderful women we’ve worked with over the years and has evolved and turned into a great place for women throughout the world support and help each other.

If you’re a female-identifying, genderqueer, gender fluid or non-binary persons working in tech, interested in tech or at any level – even looking to join the world of tech – join us!

At my core I’m fascinated with technology. Where it’s going, how it’s put together, how we use it and overuse it but mostly how we interact with it. You can always catch me checking out the latest gadget or signing up for some tool that analyses the websites you visit per day and recommends new niches to hangout. Ok that does exist – doesn’t it?

I also like to take pictures so if you’re into following along with me learning how to take photos and being outside as much as possible away from the internet with trees, then follow along on Instagram.

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